How To Locate Your Chauffeur at MCO

After exiting the aircraft, international passengers will be required to produce passports at the Immigration checkpoint.



After clearing Immigration you will recover your baggage from the baggage carousel and proceed through the Customs checkpoint.



After clearing Immigration and Customs:

Airside 4 (Gates 60-99): You may either keep your checked bags with you and take the escalator directly up to the AGT station, or place your checked baggage on the baggage belt for transfer to the Main Terminal.

Airside 1 (Gates 1-29): Place your checked baggage on the baggage belt for transfer to the Main Terminal then proceed up the escalator, through the security checkpoint, then walk over to the AGT (train) station.



The doors will automatically open when the outbound passengers have exited the AGT (train).


The journey to the Main Terminal, although it takes only 68 seconds, provides a great view of the landscape and waterways of Orlando International Airport. As the train transports you to the Main Terminal, read the signs, and listen to the instructions directing you to either Baggage Claim A or Baggage Claim B.



Once inside the Main Terminal, look for the large letters depicting Baggage Claim A or Baggage Claim B. Take the stairs, escalator or elevator down to the Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level (Level 2).



Check the monitors to determine the correct baggage carousel for your flight. After claiming your baggage, go to: chauffeur will be waiting at the bottom of the escalator holding a sign with your name on it.

In the unlikely event you do not see your driver, call 407-360-9999. The Atlantic Transportation Group representative will quickly locate your chauffeur.

Once you have gathered your entire luggage, the chauffeur will escort you down the escalator or elevator to level 1. The Orlando Transportation Group luxury vehicle will be waiting on level one. The chauffeur will assist you and your party and take you to your final destination.

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